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The Eiffel Tower

French is spoken by 321 million people all over the world: it's among the most widespread of languages. Being able to connect with someone in their native tongue is not only a unique experience but a valuable skill too.

The mission of Bleu Blanc Rouge is to offer quality French instruction to students of all ages and all levels in an interactive and stimulating environment through innovative teaching techniques. 

Offering over 13 years of language teaching to students of all ages & levels.

Hi, I'm Fabienne! I was born in France and spent most of my life in this beautiful country. After graduating from college and a two year stay in England, I started teaching languages. For a number of years, I worked for a local Chamber of Commerce, in their Language Training Center and for the GRETA, where I taught EFL to adult learners. I also spent a few years teaching for the French National Education to elementary and middle school students.  Having studied 5 different languages, I know the pitfalls, as well as the ups and downs of learning one. I currently live in North Carolina, USA where I teach French to people of all age group and all levels.

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